30 Day Yoga Challenge

We will start the new year off with a challenge based on the theme of Balance this year.  You can sign up in the studio or on our Square store. each week we will focus on a specific balance pose and we will also try to bring balance to the practice by making sure that each week includes a day of rest that allows your body and mind to benefit from your practice.  We will have segments on meditation, chanting, and restorative yoga.  Please consider joining us.


How does it work? 

- You. Us. Yoga. A committment to finding balance through and with your practice.

- Unlimited Yoga for January $72

- Journal the months practice and progress; paying special attention to the days off that you take and how you care for yourself and how it makes you feel.


What's in it for me?

- A discount on unlimited yoga 

- A chance to learn without the pressure of trying to meet the worlds and your own perceptions of what a practice "must" be


 You can email it to or post to our Facebook page and share with the rest of the community.