For Beginners

New to Yoga?

Welcome! At Dhanwantari, we truly believe that anyone can practice yoga. Beginners are welcome to attend any of our scheduled drop in classes. Our studio environment is very welcoming and each of our instructors is skilled at adjusting the practice to each student's individual needs and abilities. To learn more about Yoga at Dhanwantari, please click here.

Wondering how to begin?  We have ideas...    

Sign up for a 101 Series

An introductory series is the perfect way to begin. We periodically offer series for Vinyasa (the primary style at Dhan), Yin, and Curvy.  Please click here for more info.   

Meet with an Instructor for One-On-One Sessions

Many beginning students are intimated by joining a class.  Meeting with an instructor one-on-one provides a comfortable atmosphere and allows for individual attention for you to develop your unique practice. Our DISCOVER YOGA, one-on-one private session package, is ideal for those who want to learn yoga in a more in-depth and individualized setting. The DISCOVER YOGA Package is 4, 60 minute sessions for just $180.  By the fourth session, you will understand the transformative power of yoga and feel confident in your practice to attend classes or begin a daily practice at home. To schedule your One-on-One sessions, call 574.387.6174.